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Your Renewable Energy Partner

VAYA Energy is a Renewable Energy and Energy Storage company that provides clean and sustainable energy. We deliver affordable renewable energy solutions to home-based clients, communities and businesses. Proud to be Nigeria's leading data-driven Renewable Energy company, we execute to a world-class standard. Do get in touch with us today to discuss your needs. 

Our Focus

What Differentiates Us

We focus mainly on Solar Energy Solutions, covering a range of areas such as off-grid solutions, grid-tied solutions, distributed mini-grids and utility-scale plants. We also offer hybrid solutions where Solar Energy is coupled to a backup or emergency diesel generator.

We design our systems based on clients' needs and advise on the best financing options for your projects. We clearly stand out from our competitors in our ability to monitor your system 24/7. This positions us to advise clients on optimising energy use, which results in lower energy bills.  


Our Social Energy Initiative

VAYA Energy's social investment principles are aligned with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goal Number 7 i.e. Affordable and Clean Energy for all.


Alongside our core commercially-focused business, we also provide Solar Energy to rural healthcare facilities and schools.



Clients are at the heart of our business
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