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About Us

VAYA Energy is a renewable energy company that deploys solar-generated electricity solutions for residential, commercial, rural and utility customers. We were incorporated in August 2015 as a privately-owned Limited Liability Company in Nigeria.


We firmly believe that the next 10 years will witness  more changes in the way electricity is generated, stored and utilised, all across the world, than the last 150 years. The convergence of technologies that make it possible to generate clean renewable electricity, digitally tracking and optimizing its use, and analyzing the data it leaves behind to the benefit of our clients, does excite us. Just as exciting is the continually decreasing cost of these technologies and willingness of financial institutions to engage in building a new energy system.


VAYA Energy exists to provide renewable energy power and energy efficiency solutions to clients. We do this by leveraging global partnerships to provide electricity to our clients, one solar panel at a time. Ultimately, our goal is to transform lives through what we do, first in the Nigerian market and eventually, in emerging African economies.

Our mission requires that we partner with governments, communities, clients and also that we lead advocacy on displacing diesel generators with cleaner, healthier, more environmentally friendly and quieter solar energy and back up solutions. We focus on the long term, with the goal of being known as the number one renewable energy company in Nigeria, driven by a clear vision and a commercially-focused business model that also gives back to the communities where we operate.


We exist to build a new energy system by providing clean renewable energy to customers

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