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25 kWp ALMAT Farms Project

Commercial Solar Development, November 2018

Almat Farms is a beautiful, privately-owned 60-hectare pasture ranch and resort in Abuja, Nigeria. Its owners turned to VAYA Energy for a reliable and 100% clean energy solution to overcome never-ending blackouts from the grid electricity supply, which often lasted for days.

Our recommendation was a scalable Solar Photovoltaic and Energy Storage system which will eventually grow with the farm. As at today, this system consists of 25kWp Photovoltaic capacity (to be expanded to at least 45kWp), 16kW inverter capacity (to be expanded to 30kW) and 46kWh of battery storage (to be expanded to 138kWh). The current system offers a decent 7 year Return on Investment to Almat Farms.

The solution implemented for Almat Farms is grid-tied, meaning that the farm could decide to accept grid electricity when available, rely entirely on the Solar Energy system or use a combination of both. This flexibility allows Almat to structure its energy consumption towards the lowest cost option.


In line with VAYA Energy's data-driven and digitally-focused business model, the Almat Farms system is monitored online, round-the-clock for Photovoltaic, Inverter, Battery and Grid performance. This helps us to advise on optimal and most efficient energy use to the benefit of Almat Farms.


Interested in more details about this project or in in your own Solar Energy Solution? Feel free to contact us. 


"...The VAYA Solar Energy system has allowed us to realize the dream of being able to run Almat farms with no compromise on electricity supply. Just as exciting is the fact that we now generate all our electricity needed one site with no exhaust fumes or noise. This is nothing short of fantastic..."

Almat Farms

October 2018

Distributed Grid-Tied Solar is now a reality for energy-starved businesses in developing economies

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