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Dakwa Off-Grid Project

Caring for our Community, April 2016

This 3 kWp project was conceived, designed and financed by VAYA Energy as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility. It underlies our business philosophy that the first tranche of projects in our portfolio should benefit communities where we operate.


The Dakwa Primary Healthcare Centre, located in the outskirts of the Nigerian capital Abuja, was completely without any form of electric power. The only source of lighting at night were kerosene lamps. Under this condition, the sick were attended, which often included pregnant and nursing mothers.





The Dakwa project, completed in March 2016, involved a completely off-grid solution that encompassed Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels and Balance of System equipment, including sealed storage batteries which now ensure round the clock electricity at the Health Care Centre.


As part of our differentiated service, system performance is continuously monitored, allowing for early detection of faults and system optimisation.


The Dakwa Healthcare Centre Solar PV system has the capacity to generate about 12 kWh of electricity each day, which far exceeds the Health Care Centre's current electric power demand. VAYA Energy is currently considering a number of options for utilising this additional electricity potential, given that feeding to the grid is currently not feasible in Nigeria (more so as the Centre is currently not connected to the grid).


In addition to providing a service to the Dakwa community, the project has enabled VAYA Energy to collect immensely valuable information on Solar PV performance in the Abuja region of Nigeria. Such information would be of value to future and larger-scale Solar PV projects.


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100% off-grid solution round-the-clock

Clean and sustainable energy for healthcare

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