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Energy Catalyst Project

Nov 2019 to April 2021

VAYA Energy is proud to be part of the Nigeria Intelligent Clean Energy (NICE) initiative, an $800,000 project, in partnership with the UK-based Qbots Energy and Manchester Metropolitan University. NICE adopts technology to create a local community pilot energy scheme based in Abuja, Nigeria.


Capital Science Academy and an adjacent rural community in Kuje, Abuja were selected for the project. A solar photovoltaic system with battery backup was installed at the school and community. Both installations were connected together in a private electricity network to prove the concept of a market focused energy solution, with the potential for large scale commercial deployment.



Smart meters were installed at all houses in the rural community and at designated power points in the school for data collection and monitoring. The Manchester Metropolitan University electronics lab receives data from the NICE project for analysis.


VAYA Energy trained students of Capital Science Academy on the scope of the NICE project.

Leveraging international partnerships to accelerate low-cost, commercially viable energy solutions

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