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VAYA Energy Consulting

VAYA Energy Consulting is a Renewable Energy-focused consultancy that offers a prime and world-class service to Clients and Partners interested in breaking into the Nigerian renewable energy market. With a population of 200 million and currently the largest economy on the African continent, Nigeria offers immense potential in terms of renewable energy development, particularly through the deployment of Solar Photovoltaic technologies.


VAYA Energy Consulting offers a range of products and services including:


1. Solar PV System Design and Technology Assessment. More information here


2. Feasibility Studies and Case Study Development


3. Regulatory Trends surrounding Renewable Energy Framework


4. Assessment of Feed-in-Tariff Regulations for Renewable Energy-Sourced Electricity


5. Current State of the Nigeria Power Sector--from Generation to Retail


6. Current and Projected Energy Mix--focusing on Electricity--and the role of Renewable Energy


7. Solar Photovoltaic Industry Assessment across the Country


8. Local and International Financing Options for Utility-Scale Projects


9. Opportunities and Risks for Foreign Partners and Investors in the Renewable Energy Space


10. Key Strategies for Breaking into the Nigerian Renewable Energy Market


11. Energy Audit and Yield Reporting for Renewable Energy Projects


12. Grid Tie-in Assessments for Renewable Energy Projects


VAYA Energy Consulting’s products and services are compiled by teams of experts, located in Nigeria and Western Europe. VAYA Energy Consulting relies on direct access and communication with key agencies and institutions in providing its service to Clients. Such in-country presence gives access to high-quality and reliable services.


Several Utility-Scale Solar PV Projects have in the past stalled due to poor understanding, on the part of foreign project developers and investors, of the regulatory framework. Nigeria offers immense opportunities and to enable us help you get the most of your project, get in touch with us at



Regulatory Trends, Feed-in-Tariffs, Industry Assessment, Energy Audit...areas where we make a difference to clients

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