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Energy Efficiency

VAYA Energy's Energy Efficiency focus is driven by our commitment to play a role in sustainable development. We believe that energy efficiency will help control rising energy costs and reduce the environmental footprint associated with development, particularly as developing economies industrialize and grow.


With an increasing focus from governments on the impact of greenhouse gas emissions and associated climate change, the pressure to reduce energy use---or get more out of a given amount of energy---would only grow. Therefore, understanding lifecycle costs associated with lighting and electrical installations is becoming increasingly important.


Our Energy Efficiency drive currently hinges on:


1. Partnering with government agencies to push through LED lighting in urban and rural areas


2. Leading advocacy for displacing the use of diesel generators in small and medium scale power generation by backup solar electricity at affordable long-term rates


3. Advocating for lifecycle considerations in energy generation projects


4. Participating in enlightenment campaigns geared towards educating the public of its role in reducing energy consumption

5. Advising clients and customers on approaches to take to improve energy efficiency



Increasing Energy Efficiency is a vital tool in the fight against Climate Change

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