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Karu Solar Project

Solar Energy for Health, August 2017

The Karu Solar Project, completed in July 2017, was funded through a crowdfunding initiative undertaken by VAYA Energy. The main donors were Shell Netherlands, the GoFundMe Corporation and several individuals who identified with the aims and mission of the project.

The Karu Primary Healthcare Centre is located in Nasarawa State in Central Nigeria. Completed in 1992, as part of the Millennium Development Goals (now Sustainable Development Goals), the Centre receives dozens of patients each day and is equipped with facilities for admitting very ill patients, conducting laboratory tests and conducting deliveries. However, the centre had been plagued with never-ending blackouts, making it impossible to run effectively.

By designing and installing a 4 kWp Solar Photovoltaic solution, complete with battery backup, VAYA Energy brings Solar Energy to where it is most needed, directly impacting the lives of thousands of people.

As with all VAYA Energy Solar PV installations, system performance is continuously monitored online, allowing for data gathering, early detection of faults and system optimisation.


The Karu Healthcare Centre Solar PV system has the capacity to generate up to 18 kWh of electricity each day, which will have a significant impact on healthcare delivery. Options for monetising excess electricity across the fence are being explored with the local community.


Interested in a Solar Energy solution? Please contact us.




Thanks to the following organisations and people for making this project a reality:

Shell Netherlands

GoFundMe Corporation

Lots of generous individuals from all across the world

Clean and sustainable energy for healthcare

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