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Solar Energy Solutions

Solar Energy, which involves generating electricity through solar panels, has today become a very attractive proposition for individuals, communities and businesses with (i) no access to reliable grid electricity  (ii) heavy reliance of diesel for power generation or (ii) no access to any form of electricity. 

We are always ready to discuss your specific needs and advise on the best solution. VAYA Energy's Solar Energy Solutions come fully integrated with online monitoring and optimisation capabilities, ensuring that you get the best value for your money. We also offer attractive guarantees on all equipment provided. If desired by clients, we readily provide battery back up to ensure you continue to enjoy uninterrupted electricity after the sun goes down.

VAYA Energy's Solar Energy experience and growth areas cover a broad spectrum including:


Solar for Homes, Housing Estates, Corporates, Schools and Communities


Available for individual home owners, housing estates and corporate organizations. Each solution is tailored to the specific customer needs and will be influenced by load requirements, desirability of battery backup, off-grid or grid-tied and availability of space for mounting solar panels.

Solar Street Lights


Our Solar LED Street Lights are very efficient and use an innovative high heat resistance NiMH battery and intelligent lighting management. Using a Plug & Play and All-in-One concept, they are easy to install and are ideal for both cities and rural areas. The smart energy management system guarantees no blackout, even during cloudy periods. They come with a 10-year maintenance-free guarantee. More on Solar Street Lights here.


Solar for Agriculture and Rural Areas


From use in rural clean water provision and irrigation programs, to its use in powering rural communities, VAYA Energy offers a broad range of solutions. We are experienced in the development of rural solar mini-grids and are partnering with financial institutions to deploy more of this solution on commercial terms.


Utility-Scale Solar Energy Solutions


Our heartland market of Nigeria has no commercial Utility-Scale Solar plants in operation. However, given evolving renewable energy policy framework and the existence of attractive feed-in-tariffs for first movers, this is changing.


VAYA Energy, alongside a number of partners and stakeholders, is exploring the feasibility of developing Utility-Scale Solar Plants in the range of 1 MW to 50 MW to feed power to the grid.

Distributed Off-Grid Solar is an ideal solution for energy-starved communities in developing economies

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