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Solar Powered Pumps Make Water Supply Possible, August 2018

Located in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria, the rural community of Otor-Iyede struggled to access potable drinking water. Realising this, the Nigerian Ministry of Water Resources initiated a water supply scheme, in 2017, to provide potable drinking water to the community. This scheme, consisting of five sites with high-yield boreholes, feeds underground water into above-ground storage tanks at each location. Water pumping is exclusively by the use of solar energy. Each site also has a  reticulation system installed for distributing water across the community.

In 2018, VAYA Energy was appointed as engineering consultant on power provision for the Otor-Iyede project, with a scope that included the following for each of the five sites:

  1. Detailed design and specification of the solar power system

  2. Lifecycle analysis of the system

  3. Supply of Tier-1 solar equipment (solar power for pumps, perimeter lighting, accessories)

  4. Supervision of the solar installation

Interested in learning more about this project or in in your own Solar Energy Solution? Feel free to contact us. 


VAYA's Workscope

Site 1 has a 4.5 kWp solar photovoltaic system, which provides power to Direct Current pumps connected to 3 boreholes.


The installed tank capacity at Site 1 is 45,000 litres. It will be increased.


Solar energy makes water supply possible

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