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Solar Leasing & Purchase

Our Solar Leasing and Purchase options include the following propositions:

In the SOLAR LEASE option, there are no upfront payment for Solar Panels and Balance of System equipment. The only costs are monthly payments at an agreed rate for a fixed term. Solar Panels and Balance of System equipment remain the property of VAYA Energy.


At the end of the lease contract, ownership transfers to the Customer. The Customer, however, reserves the right to an outright purchase at any point in time during the lease contract.


The maximum capacity of a SOLAR LEASE option would be in the order of 100 kWp. Minimum capacity would be about 1 kWp.

SOLAR Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) are aimed at Corporate Clients and Groups of Consumers who would normally require to be fed from an Off-Grid plant of a capacity exceeding 50 to 100 kWp. This plant could be hosted on the site of the end consumers.


PPAs involve a take-or-pay clause, wherein, the end user is required to pay for all electricity generated. PPAs also run for a fixed term which may be 5, 10 or 20 years.


VAYA Energy owns and operates the power generation facility.



For Customers with the financial clout or access to finance, this option offers the advantage of owning the Solar Panels and Balance of System equipment outright after installation.


VAYA Energy will, if a Customer desires, monitor the performance of the system and offer periodic maintenance for an agreed fee.



Lease or Purchase...a range of options tailored to meet the needs of each Customer

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