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Large-Scale Solar Solutions

At VAYA, we consider Large-Scale Solar to refer to a solar photovoltaic (PV) or concentrated solar solution that has a nameplate capacity of at least 1 MW. Some utility-scale solar plants have capacities of up to 100 MW, with the largest such plant having a capacity of 600 MW.


Our focus is on solar PV, as we consider concentrated solar technology economically challenging in our areas of operation.


What makes Utility-Scale Solar PV plants unique is the fact that power produced is fed directly to the high voltage grid, allowing them to offer attractive returns on investment.



Our heartland market of Nigeria has no Utility-Scale Solar plants in operation. However, given evolving renewable energy policy framework and the existence of attractive feed-in-tariffs for first movers, this is changing.


VAYA, alongside a number of partners and stakeholders, is exploring the feasibility of developing Utility-Scale Solar PV plants in the range of 1 MW to 50 MW. 


Utility-Scale Solar is changing the face of the global power industry 

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